Season 3 Teemo Build

Super Teemo Pre-Season 3 Build

A slew of new changes were revealed with the pre-season 3 patch of League of Legends.  I won’t go into full detail of all the changes, but for a complete list see the League of Legends Preseason 3 patch notes.  There’s also an Introduction to Preseason 3 with a preview of all new, modified (reworked), and removed items; significant changes to the jungle role; and changes to several masteries & summoner spells.

As far as the preseason 3 changes relate to my Season 2 DPS Teemo build, I’m still trying to find the right combination.  With the removal of Madred’s Bloodrazor, a reworked Malady, and the new Runaan’s Hurricane and The Blade of the Ruined King, I’m still vying for the best overall DPS Teemo build.  Here’s where I currently sit:

  • Per usual, choose between Mercury’s Treads or Berserker’s Greaves depending on your need for survivability and DPS.
  • Malady increases damage significantly and is typically the first complete item I build.
  • Frozen Mallet remains a must-have for survivability (health) and perma-slow (crowd-control).
  • The Blade of the Ruined King has replaced Madred’s Bloodrazor and has a life-steal component (Note the change from % of total health as damage to % of current health).
  • I’m really liking Liandry’s Torment.  It’s passive damages the enemy for 5% (10% if stunned/slowed (Frozen Mallet)) over 3 seconds on each Blind and the Magic Penetration and health make this a pretty viable item for Teemo.
  • Other late game items to consider are Guardian Angel and Thornmail, pending enemy composition, focus, and itemization.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane has proven great for farming minion waves, but does not play out as well as most anticipate in team fights.  I currently cannot recommend this item for Teemo.
  • I’ve not been able to experiment enough with the new boot enhancements to make a recommendation.  Many are situational, but I’ve most often snagged Alacrity for the +15 movement speed bonus.  Furor and Homeguard  intrigue me, but I’ve yet to try them.

As for Runes, I’m taking Attack Speed Quintessences, Attack Speed Marks (Reds), GP5 Seals (Yellows), and CDR per level Glyphs (Blues).  Masteries sit a 23-3-4.  In the Offense tree I take all AP masteries with 4 points in Fury (Attack Speed), and 1 point in Summoner’s Wrath (+5 AD & +5 AP when Ignite is on cooldown).  In the Defense tree I take 3 points in Perseverance (Health regen).  In the Utility tree I take 1 point in Summoner’s Insight (15 seconds off Flash cooldown), and 3 points in Meditation (Mana regen).

As proof of concept, here’s a snapshot of most recent game as a top-lane DPS Teemo.  It managed to shut down 3 enemy champions exploiting the Black Cleaver stack, so I’d say I’m getting pretty close to a standard build.

I’m curious to know what Teemo builds you have found successful in Pre-season 3.  Please let me know in the comments below or link your favorite Mobafire build.  GLHF!

Pre-season 3 Example Teemo Build

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