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Etiquette?  What’s that, you ask?  In what seems like a futile attempt, I saw a great article identifying some great recommendations to improve your League of Legends in-game etiquette.  This article speaks directly to Draft Mode champion select, but can also be applied to Blind Pick.

We’ve all been victim of an upset player that blasts an endless barrage of expletives at teammates.  Or how about the troll who picks Eve with Surge and Revive?  This article explains some simple tips to help build a team of camaraderie instead of hostility.  Below is a brief summary:

1. Respect the Pick Order – Be Flexible and Graceful

Going into a match, always be prepared to play two or three different champions or roles.  Should your desired champion or role already be taken, be flexible or politely excuse yourself from the queue.  Upon entering champion select, mention your desired champion and/or role to gauge whether or not it will be accommodating for the team.  After all, your team composition will oftentimes be a determining factor whether you win or lose.  If you do not know enough champions or roles to do so, please practice using the vs. AI or Custom Game modes.

2. Elevate Yourself – Trust the Tribunal

Lead your team by example, elevating yourself above the riff-raff and trolls.  Do your best to look past those players who can only play one champion or role and bite the bullet for a match.  Use the time to improve your game, because whether your like it or not, these will be your teammates for at least the next 20 minutes, so you may as well not stress over the small things.  We can all improve in one way or another.  Should the player be uncooperative during the match, report the player, listing the offenses, and trust the Tribunal.

3. Don’t Be a D*ck

Be respectful, kind, and accommodating.  This includes speaking politely to your teammates and the opposing team.  If what you typed or are about to type makes you sound like a d*ck, delete it and get back in the game.  Negative attitudes, know-it-alls, trolls, and feeders all bring contentment to your team and the likelihood of a win diminishes quickly.  Keep taunts to a minimum.  Don’t criticize too harshly.  Keep a positive attitude.  It shouldn’t be a surprise, but most winning teams cooperate with one another, not bicker and belittle one another.

That’s the long and the short of it.  This list is by no means comprehensive, but we can all take something away from this to make our time spent with strangers on the Fields of Justice pleasant instead of hostile.  Good luck, have fun!

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