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Steam Summer Sale

Steam has a Summer Sale going on where deals change daily for ten consecutive days.  Today is the last day, so I ended up snagging Back to the Future: The Game (all 5 episodes), Terraria, Torchlight, Trine 2, and Bastion – all for $31!  I added these to my library and now own 41 games via Steam.

I’m trying to understand why I’m excited about this purchase.  Perhaps it is because I feel like I got a good deal?  I’ll admit, each game has appealed to me in one way or another, but I doubt I’ll play these games much beyond a few hours each.  I cannot explain why I bought them… maybe for a rainy day when I have no access to the Internet, perhaps while traveling and I’m too cheap to pay for wi-fi in my hotel?  I have a cruise coming up… THAT’S IT!  That’s why I bought these… so I can get my gaming fix while on a boat deep in the Caribbean Sea!   Woohoo!  Well, at least now I can stop searching for justification because they’ve just been justified!

I’ve not previously considered Steam a valuable tool in my day-to-day gaming, but I’m beginning to see and believe in its value.  Obviously there are many others who have used Steam more heavily than I since its inception, but as I build my own games and gaming studio, I’ll now definitely consider Steam as a method of distribution for my games.

Tell me, how do you use Steam and what features appeal to you most/least?

I like the vast library of games from AAA titles with millions and millions of dollars in budget, to the budding indie developer with little to no budget.  I also like the fact that sales occur frequently and they’re not just a few dollars off retail price, but steep discounts in the 50% off or greater arena that has become so popular thanks to Groupon, Living Social, and other copycats.

I also like how they bundle games in a developer series, game series, or publisher series.  I was able to pick up all the Dungeon Siege games for $49.99 back when Dungeon Siege III released.  Oh, another thing is their chat system.  I can now play single player games and still be social online while I play.  Granted, the chat system isn’t fantastic and is nothing more than a novelty, but its nice to see what my friends are playing and that I can ask for help or just chat while in an otherwise single-player game.

Downloads are now finishing.  I’m headed Back to the Future!  GLHF!

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