Is Support Dr. Mundo Viable?

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I’ve been trying to mix things up a bit in my League of Legends games lately.  In doing so, I happened to try a support Dr. Mundo.  I’m told he doesn’t scale well into late game, but with my experience and enough assists to your ADC, Dr. Mundo is an extremely viable support champ.

Teammates may threaten a queue dodge, and support Mundo doesn’t bode popular on Mobafire, but I aim to make a case for rolling a support Dr. Mundo.  His cleaver is a great poke, he has incredible sustain with his passive and a Rejuvenation Bead or two, and even puts out some decent damage.  Here’s what I’ve put together for a support Mundo build.  Feedback and comments welcome.

Support Dr. Mundo Build


For Runes I take Greater Quintessences of Gold, Greater Mark of Ability Power, Greater Seal of Gold, and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.


For Masteries I take 1-17-12, taking Improved Exhaust in the Offense tree; Health, Health Regen and Tenacity in the Defense tree; and Improved Flash, Movement Speed, Vision Wards, Cooldown Reduction, and GP5 in the Utility tree.


I typically start out with two Rejuvenation Beads, a Sight Ward, and a Health Potion.  Doing so allows you to Q (Cleaver) frequently without too much health loss overall.  However, if you’re in need of more visibility due to a Blitzcrank, Nidalee, Thresh, or other high-harass support, take three Sight Wards or even a Vision Ward, sacrificing your Health Potion and/or the second Rejuvenation Bead.

During the early laning phase, I try to stay out long enough to earn my my full Philosopher’s Stone (700 gold) for the Health Regen and passive GP5, allowing me to retain one or two Rejuvenation Beads for Warmog’s Armor.  My next goal is a Sight Stone (950 gold) for vision and health, followed by Boots 1 (350 gold) and a Kindlegem (850 gold) to put towards Spirit Visage.  These are your necessities.  Your remaining items will be dictated by the enemy team composition and itemization.

Throughout the mid-game you’ll continue stacking Armor or Magic Resist depending on the opposing team.  For Armor, snag a Chain Vest, eventually building it into a Sunfire Cape.  For Magic Resist, snatch up a Negatron Cloak to put towards your Spirit Visage.  If you’re feeling confident in your overall damage mitigation for now the added Health and Health Regen from Warmog’s  Armor complements a support Dr. Mundo nicely.  Be sure to upgrade your boots to Ninja Tabi or, as situations permit, Mercurial Treads.

Into late game, you should have Ninja Tabi, Philosopher’s Stone, Sightstone (or Ruby Sightstone), Spirit Visage, and either Sunfire Cape or Warmog’s Armor.  If you have all three, you’re either dominating or stealing farm from your ADC.  Continue until you have all these items and then consider these situational items: Wit’s End for Attack Speed and Magic Resit; Runic Bulwark to toughen up your team a bit; or Spirit of the Ancient Golem to complement your Ninja Tabi with Tenacity.

There you have it; yet another support guide for an unlikely support champion.  See my Teemo support and other builds by viewing the League of Legends tag.

Feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvement are welcome in the comments section.  Until next time; good luck, have fun!

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