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Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Announced

PS Vita Final Fantasy X FFX HD PS Vita

UPDATE: Square Enix officially titled this re-release, ‘Final Fantasy X HD Remaster’. Read a more recent post that also includes details about the Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.

Square Enix recently revealed live in-game footage of Final Fantasy X HD running on a Sony PS Vita handheld console.  The below demonstration by Shinji Hashimoto, Final Fantasy Brand Director at Square Enix, shows in-game HD character models of Yuna, Tidus, Yojimbo, and Bahamut, but not much else.

This announcement followed news of a price drop on the PS Vita console from Sony Computer Entertainment President, Hiroshi Kawano, during a live presentation.  Official U.S. price-drops have not yet released, however they typically follow just months after price-drops in Japan.  With the recent news of the PlayStation 4, I just hope they don’t sideline the HD version of Final Fantasy X for PS Vita.  I know I’m not the only one anxiously awaiting an HD remake.

Until then, take a look at a few of the amazing HD screenshots of Final Fantasy X from Electric Blue Skies.  His screenshots were taken via Pcsx2 emulation (Ps2 textures rendering x4, Hardware AAx3, 1080 vertical px) in 4:3 ratio (as the original game).  See hundreds more at  We can only hope the PS Vita HD version of FFX will look this good, or better.

Until then, good luck and have fun!

Final Fantasy X FFX HD Logo PS Vita

Final Fantasy X FFX HD Yuna Tidus PS Vita

Final Fantasy X FFX HD Iron Giant PS Vita

Final Fantasy X FFX HD Zanarkand Ruins PS Vita

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