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Are You In The League?

Leage of Legends

I’m talking about the League of Legends.  League of Legends (LoL) keeps bringing me back no matter what I deviate to for a while.  It uses one of the most risky revenue models out there but, quite frankly, is the one I’d bet most developers and publishers are considering for future games.

Regular patches continue to deliver new content in the form of champions, skins, runes, features, maps, and more; so there’s always something new to try out.  Oh, and the game is absolutely free to download and play – full version – no demo or gimped version.

Now, some players might choose to drop a few bucks to speed their leveling process, Influence Point accumulation, unlock a new champion early, or change the appearance of their champion, but those players have no real advantage in-game over those who do not spend any money.

You might find this revenue model called “Freemium” – meaning free-to-play with in-game premium purchases available.  I’ve conceptualized a game for iOS using this same model that really has some legs.  Maybe another night I’ll have to divulge some info.

“Welcome, to Summoner’s Rift”, is heard in the background.

If you’re in the League, look me up!  Name is Blizzardry.  Well, I’m off for the night. GLHF!

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