Oldie But a Goodie

Plants vs. Zombies

Well, not that old, really.  I’m talking Plants vs. Zombies.  I have a niece and nephew who are old enough to start into strategy games and they’ve been playing Plants vs. Zombies on the iPad during their summer visit to my home.

In efforts to show them how it’s done, I installed my Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition using Steam and dove right in again.  I’ve previously defeated the story mode twice and grown a zombie garden even my grandmother would be proud of.  But its easy to learn, hard to master mechanics and a few new achievements available for unlocking have me planting sunflowers again.

I’m curious, what games do you go back and play again and again?  A guilty pleasure of sorts.  Let me know, because I don’t hesitate in picking up a retro game on a recommendation that I may have missed or just one that I want to pick back up again.  GLHF!

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