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A Twist of Fate Cinematic

A Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate is a cinematic sequence featuring several champions from Riot’s popular MOBA game, League of Legends. The short film pits several champions against each other in short sequences using all too familiar attacks, sound effects, and expressions straight from the game.

A Twist of Fate

The first match-up we see Twisted Fate (likely an influence for the title, A Twist of Fate) standing solo when he begins to hear a familiar sound. As the crows approach, a Blue Card quickly diminishes the first; after a brief silence Fiddlesticks is seen chuckling and makes his entrance with a grand Crowstorm.  Twisted Fate rapidly draws cards to defend himself, but is eventually knocked back where he draws a Yellow Card from behind his back.

Next we see Ryze running through a desolate battleground where the skies darken and a familiar voice is heard – “Darkness”. Nocture greets the fallen Ryze and dashes to finish him off. Ryze dodges the attempt and pushes Nocture back into the debris. Nocture, now upset, makes a raging dash while Ryze chants his snare. With Nocture imprisoned in a void, Ryze charges for a powerful blast.

Garen’s blade immediately greets Katarina’s daggers as the clip transitions to a new scene. Overpowering Katarina with his spin attack, Garen’s final attack is too slow and Kat leaps above him, tossing two darts into his armor. Back on equal ground, Katarina shows some character as she blows her hair to the side before a rapid succession of attacks, vanishing in and out of the shadows. Garen evades the attacks and tosses her to the ground before summoning a blade from the skies. The blade falls, knocking Katarina to the catacombs below where Garen has an opportunity to finish the fight.

Before Garen’s blade can land the final blow, another blade meets his – a living, breathing blade, the Demonblade. With Katarina unconscious, Tryndamere joins the fight and swings mightily over Garen, sending him into a defensinve stance. Garen strikes as Tryndamere swings high, stabbing him in the chest. Trydamere then casts his ultimate to gain limited invulnerability and in a tyrannical rage, throws Garen through a wall and into a dark courtyard. Tryndamere now has the opportunity to land a final blow upon Garen.

Distracted by a faint glow, Tryndamere is blasted aside from a fireball where we see

Annie enter the fray. As Tryndamere rises to his feet Annie gives her teddy bear a hug, closes her eyes to cuddle it, before staring deviously at Tryndamere and tossing her teddy bear into the air. In a burst of flame, the bear ignites and Tibbers is revealed, relentlessly defending his owner. Tryndamere collides with Tibbers and Tibbers prepares for another pass, but is caught, tossed high into the air, and devoured whole by Baron Nashor.

After the Baron unleashes a fierce, victorious warcry, the A Twist of Fate ends with Baron Nashor lashing out at Tryndamere and Annie before cutting to the League of Legends logo.

Well, that’s the play by play, but what am I doing telling you about it?  Just watch it above or watch A Twist of Fate on YouTube! Comments and dialogue encouraged below. Oh, and see you on the fields of justice!


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