EverQuest Worlds: A New Beginning Walkthrough

EverQuest Worlds

EverQuest Worlds is an iOS, Android, and Google Play application. While not necessarily a game, per se, players complete quests and trivia that introduce them to the world of Norrath. Players are currently rewarded with EverQuest and EverQuest II in-game items, downloadable audio tracks, exclusive videos, and up to 500 Station Cash.

Once inside the app, the Quest Journal offers four primary quests: Future EchoesTies That Bind, A New Beginning, and Marching Onward. Clicking on a quest reveals a series of sub-quests requiring players to seek and scan images to advance to the next clue. Upon completing all sub-quests, the quest is complete and a reward given to the player.

All of this sounds very complex and time consuming, but fortunate for you we’ve gathered all the required images and put them in order so you must only scan and repeat! You’re welcome.

For completing the A New Beginning quest, you’ll receive an easy 250 Station Cash. Be sure to complete all four quests for 250 additional Station Cash, an XP Potion for EQ or EQII, and EQ Next Music.

Note: If you’re having trouble scanning the images below, click the image for a larger size and distance your phone from the screen to allow it to refocus.

A New Beginning

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    4. Follow @EverQuest_Next on Twitter
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    7. Enable push notifications on your mobile device to receive EverQuest Worlds updates
    8. Share the EverQuest II – Behind the Scenes – Honvar AKA “Lumpy” video to Facebook
    9. Scan the SOE Live logo (below)SOE Live Logo
    10. Scan the EverQuest logo on a white background (below)EverQuest Logo

We hope you were able to speed through EverQuest Worlds: A New Beginning quest using our walkthrough! Let us know what you think in the comments below.Also, you can earn more Station Cash, an XP Potion for EQ or EQII, and EQ Next Music, by completing the additional Future EchoesTies That Bind, and Marching Onward quests.

Good luck, and have fun!

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