A New Shiny Toy Screenshot

It took me over the weekend, but I’ve got a great start to my new shiny toy,!  As I mentioned earlier, it will likely undergo continual revision, but at least it is presentable in its current state.  Oh, and the fact that it is a responsive design (props to those folks at ElegantThemes), makes me really excited.  It’s just the way websites should be these days and I didn’t have the time, nor patience to do all that myself.

My next new shiny toy will likely be an iPad 3.  I mean, now that I have a site that is responsive to that resolution, I have to be sure and test it out, right?  I might wait until the launch of an iPad 4 (which I’ve not stayed in the know as to when or what it will be), but time will tell.

Am I the only one that considers a website a new shiny toy?  I guess that is pretty telling as to what I enjoy and what I spend any free-time doing (besides gaming).

I’ll continue to make updates and will soon have rotating ads throughout my site to help pay any hosting fees.  Cheers to you and your shiny new toy, whatever tickles your fancy, floats your boat, or raises the hair on your arms…  GLHF!

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