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In just a few short days I’ll be adding banner advertising to my blog.  While some might complain of their unsightliness, know that it helps pay the small fees a site like this incurs.  I intend on using Google AdSense and have partnered with a local network to provide my readers (currently local family and friends), some relevant ads based on the content I write on this here blog, content they consume in their interweb travels, and geography in which they are located.

Ultimately, you should see ads that fall into the “gaming” category, ads that promote a local business, or an ad that is targeted toward your recent browser history.  So if you see something offensive – it is NOT my fault.

I’ll be forced to add a privacy policy to the site because Google and the local network I am partnering with may gather non personally identifiable information (PII) about your browsing habits to serve you more relevant ads – or at least that is the language they want me to use in my privacy policy.

Anyway, so look for some upcoming changes and additions to the site and, as always, I welcome my readers’ feedback.  GLHF!

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